Tuesday, June 9, 2015

How to Make a Nice passive Income online with little work!

Hello, if you have came here it means you want to make money...thats great, I can help you do just that! 

I am not gonna promise you thousands of dollars a day, a week honestly even a month...
what I am gonna promise you is that, you will make money every day and some of it can be done with absolutely no work other than starting a website.. yes you heard me. 

Its not all that easy if you're looking for a get rich quick plan  isnt it...but this is a way for alot of people where 100-300$ a month means the world of differences and I have made this as easy as possible by reducing the amount of steps needed. 

You only need a few things. A computer with working internet/mouse/keyboard. A Bitcoin wallet address I personally use here! 

You can find your bitcoin address in cex.io by clicking the section labled Wallet like Shown below or by pressing here

Next you will press the button labled deposit  like shown below.

That will bring up a little popup that will show your address like this.

This is your Wallet address copy this and put it on a notepad or a stick note like I do
for fast access to it while your surfing.

If you got that then you are ready to earn just follow the step by step walk-trough with pictures!
first you start off by clicking the banner below and going to btc-rotator.xyz.

You will need your bitcoin address  address from earlier
to log into the website and start earning Shown below.

Then you will press the Start Browsing button!

At each website you will have to input your Wallet address into the box,
solve the captcha and press the get your claim button shown below.

Not all pages look exactly like this but it is the same method for all pages. Some require you to log in first you will get used to it,  I try to add easy to use faucets only
then press the visit next site Button at the top right corner shown above
and thats it! you will continue to do this as long as you want to make money!
each site you go to will reward your wallet with a small ammount of satoshis that can be sold
for cash depending on where you are from theres many options I list them all here!

Local bitcoins!

Local bitcoins provides ways to sell bitcoins and buy bitcoins  no matter your country!
paypal/bank transfer/bank deposit/person to person/atm. 
This is a way for you to cash out your bitcoins into hard earned cash in your pocket!

Depending on what country you are in, you will need to go about selling in differant ways outside of local bitcoins. I will list them all in other posts but you can always check out my lists at my website.

And thats the basics!

I will offer a guide as well that gives steps to earn even more!
it's being updated right now more to come soon.

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Let others know there is a way to make some extra money
with vary little work :).

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Monday, June 8, 2015

Best bitcoin Rotators

The Best Bitcoin-rotator


btc-rotator.xyz is a fast tracked bitcoin rotator with out any of the hassles all you do is enter your bitcoin address and start browseing trough a optimized list of bitcoin faucets to provide constent cash flow! earn a million+ satoshis worth 2-3$ as i write this article

Also have a litecoin rotator that lets you earn a whole litecoin+ a hour! that equals 1.78 usd at the time of writeing this that means 4 dollers a hour just from these 2 rotators!

these Vary simple easy to use litecoin/bitcoin/doge Rotators are provided to you by Bitadvice.info
bitadvice also provides many other useful services includeing faucet creation service Rotator creation service Bitcoin service reviews and even more so please if you like the rotators give our review section a look and let us know how much you like it!!